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 Guild Rules:

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PostSubject: Guild Rules:   Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:31 am

1) Treat others nicely around the world of warcraft world, most importantly in Guild chat too, we want a good representation of our guild, and do not expect others to be complaining about your behavior and badmouthing our guild.

2) We raid 8PM - 9PM realm time on Saturdays, and finish off on Sundays.

3) If you apply to a raid, bring potions, well fed and brain!! If you apply for a raid we expect you to be there, if you let our guild down we will too let you down in future.

4) If you come raiding with us on saturday/sunday you are NOT permitted to pug before raid sessions, if you have missed out, feel free to later on in the week / ask a guild master.

5) We expect all guild members to follow the World of Warcraft official rules set by Blizzard.

Failing to follow these rules will result in.

1) Warning
2) Inability to raid for a week
3) Inability to raid for 2 weeks
4) Remove from guild.

If your actions are poor, we may skip warning if see fit.
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Guild Rules:
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